Gesar King of LIngIn the history of the regions of the Himalayas and Central Asia there is a great Epic tale of a great hero that incarnates sometime in the 11th or 12th century to save the peoples of Tibet. This is the legend of Gesar King of Ling,  a herioc tale of the fearless lord of the legendary kingdom of Ling. According to the epic tale Padma Sambhava asks the great enlightened magician Thugpa Gawa to be reborn into the world of men to battle the powerful demon-kings who had taken over the lands with the intent of destroying the Dharma.  As the tale unfolds Thugpa, now a boy of 12 and named Chori,  enters a horse race that will determine who will be the next King of Ling. As one would expect Chori wins the race, is named the new King of Ling and given the name Gesar. Gesar then proceeds through cunning, magic and arms to conquer the enemies of the people and restore the Teachings of the Buddha to Tibet.  For ages throughout Tibet, Mongolia and Central Asia people have gathered around to hear the tales of Gesar and how he protected the Dharma, restored the teachings of the Buddha, and drove off the demon-kings bringing them together to defeat their common enemy.

The goal of Race 4 Tibet is to bring the the Buddhist community together  and the people and friends of Tibet, to work together to raise money for our common cause’s.

To help the people of Tibet struggling to survive in exile from their native land.

To help the religious communities scattered around the world to continue to grow, prosper and enhance the world around them with their presence.

To help the worthy charities organized to help the Tibetan people and preserve the culture of Tibet.  We will be focusing on specific charities and more information can be found here.

Gesar came to unite the forces of good, the followers of the Dharma to overcome the invaders and enemies of the doctrine, and in this spirit we hope to unite Tibetans, friends of Tibet and Buddhist in general in solidarity to raise money through events, such as, running, walking and biking events. We are in the process of forming Team Gesar to bring active runners, walkers and bikers that share our goals together into a Buddhist oriented athletic club. Through this organization we will organize events to help raise money for both local Buddhist Communities and the charities that we support.

We will be organizing ourselves by regions, sangha’s and tradition to work together in solidity with Tibet and the people of Tibet to achieve our goals. And like Gesar we hope to unite in solidarity the friends of the Dharma, the friends of Tibet, and the friends of the right to self determination of a people over their land.

We commit to serve the people of Tibet and help them to flourish in the most difficult of circumstances. We commit to help local associations, sangha’s and Buddhist groups in their efforts to grow their communities and provide services to the local populations and the charities they support.

As a technical note, please appreciate that this is a lotus still struggling to emerge from the water and unfold its first leaf. Patience, perseverance, and support will help all of us achieve our goals. Please help us by joining and becoming actively involved in spreading the word. If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to volunteer in some way to the Team then got to our Help and Support page.

To learn more about how it works and how you can contribute please continue forward to the Join Race4Tibetans Page


All the great rivers of Asia come from the Himalayas, but each river starts with one snow flake or rain drop. One snow flake or rain drop can not change very much. But thousands, millions and billions of rain drops that fall into the mountains will fill the gulleys and turn into streams. Those streams will come together and become rivers and those rivers change everything around them. The world around them will succumb and take the form of the River.

Five Sisters

 “Great Mother of all pervading bliss and space,
Emanating in impure lands in the appearance of a menmo,
Great Powerful One protecting all vidyadharas;
Homage to the powerful Tashi tse.”

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