Sorig Product Recommendations


Below are some Sorig products from the Tibetan Medicine Institute that are often bought and used by people with active lifestyles.

Skin and Body


SORIG Herbal Talc

The formulation of Sorig Herbal Talcum powder has been abstracted from Mipham Rinpoche’s holy text. The unique blend of Talc with organic herbal  ingredients checks sweating and noxious smell, soothes irritation and gives a cooling effects.


SORIG Massage Oil

Sorig Massage Oil (Juknuem agar dathar) is prepared on the basis of herbal ingredients as stated in Tibetan Medical Text. Its regular application will assist in relieving physical and mental strain, enhances memory and blood circulation, relaxes muscles, ligaments, nerves and regenerates body cells.



SORIG Dhutsi Ngalu Bath Therapy

Dhutse-Ngalum – Tibetan Hot Medicinal Bath Therapy is derived from natural products, and is a part of water therapy practiced in Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Various herbal ingredients are combined with the qualitative value of water and fire elements having the characteristic of fluidity and burning respectively. Enriched with the triple content of medicine, water and fire, this therapy has the same value as that of natural hot spring.


SORIG Shampoo

Sorig Tachu-Daegu – Shampo – is formulated according to Tibetan Science of Healing. It contains pure herbal extracts having excellent natural cleansing and hair softening properties. It helps to strengthen hair follicles, thus promotes healthy hair growth. It also contains anti-dandruff agent, prevents premature graying of hair that results from stress and malnutrition.

Teas &Tonics

SORIG Chongchen Chulen(Energize the Body)

Sorig Chongchen Chulen – Energize the Body – is a body energizer providing vital nourishment and is formulated according to Tibetan Medical Texts. This Chulen is effective for the weak body caused due to longtime exposure to illness, breathing problems, dizziness, hiccough, anorexia, and pulmonary associated disorder. It is especially helpful to regain vital health. Prolonged intake benefits to promote sexual power.




SORIG Gaay-Pa-Sowae-Chulen

SORIG Gaay-Pa-Sowae-ChulenElixir of Rejuvenation – prolongs life span, is effective in retaining youthful appearance and lustre, increases vigor, triggers the sensitivity of sensory organs like eyes, improves memory and intelligence power. It is especially effective as an Aphrodisiac.



SORIG Health Tonic - Sachets

Sorig Health Tonic is formulated from pure natural herbs in accordance with Tibetan Medical Text. It may help to optimize physical vigor, vitality and sensory organs, and relieves chronic fatigue syndrome. It may act as an aphrodisiac and is especially effective in maintaining kidney heat.



SORIG Nyiing-Nae-Menja

Sorig Nyiing-Nae-Menja – Tea for the Heart – is formulated from natural herbs in accordance with Tibetan Science of Healing. It helps to combat poor blood circulation, obstruction of Loong and blood due to high cholesterol, hardening of blood vessel and cardiac muscle, Angina Pectoris, restlessness due to palpitation, fear and mental unrest without apparent cause.


The list below is just a sample. For a complete list of products, descriptions, and prices click on the Medicine Buddha below.

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