About Team Gesar


Team Gesar is in the process of becoming a member of Road Runners Club of America. As as a member it will be able Team Gesarto function under the guidlines and codes of conduct of the oldest running organization in America. It will also be able to utilize many tools available from the RRCA for clubs like Team Gesar.

  • The team will provide a vehicle to organize ourselves into groups to participate in local events as single identifiable group. A group that promotes the education of Tibetan causes and Buddhism as a whole. Working in Solidarity we will be more effective in delivering our message to the broader public. Running and walking events provide a great cross-section of people in which to bring our messages too.
  • The team will also promote a healthy lifestyle and provide education and guidance in preparing and training for running and walking events.
  • The team will provide a non-denominational group where people of all walks of life whether they are Buddhist or not can come together under a common interest. That interest is both achieving ones health and fitness goals but also working together in a compassionate manner in the context of the Bodhisattva tradition to help others.
  • The team will work with local chapters and groups to put on events designed to raise money for the local Buddhist community, local charities that they are involved in, and for the charities that are the designated charities of Race4Tibetans.

At this point in time Team Gesar is part of the plan, but not a fully functioning entity.  By joining and showing your support will help us move this part of the project forward more rapidly. We will be posting updates to the progress of the formation of Team Gesar as a legal entity as they develop. The process should not take more than 30 days from the date of this posting, or June 15, 2013.

  • The team will be formed as Chapter C corporation as per the advice and conditions set forth by the RRC.
  • The team will function under the rules and guidlines for conduct and organization as per the conditions of the RRC.
  • The team will function under the 501c umbrella provided by the RRC and will comply to all of the conditions thereof.
  • The team will provide a full financial disclosure page to all members both through the Race4Tibet site as well as the soon to come TeamGesar website.

We thank you for your interest and patronage.

Please note that this project is a work in process. We are constantly working to improve the site and to make it work the way it is suppose to. Unfortunately we do not have an army of geeks working to put this together and ensure that it is all perfect. We will be relying on everyone for advice and to communicate issues that may arise as you explore the site and learn to use it features. Please use the Help and Support page to share your thoughts.

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