Where does all the Money Go?


At the moment the main contributors to this effort are a small group of people who will at this point remain anonymous because it is their effort that is important and themselves.

This page that you are on now will in the very near future, with your financial help, be posting all of the financial information specific to it. It will be updated no less than once a week and it will contain no less than the following:

  • Total amount collected
  • Total amount collected for local Buddhist Groups
  • Total amount in the general fund
  • Total amount for administrative costs

Further as monies are distributed we will document how much of the money is going to what and when it was distributed. Monies will be accumulated quarterly and then distributed within 30 days of the end of the quarter.

Our goal is full transparency, to help others, generate good karma, and satisfy the conditions of our Bodhisattva vows. We hope that you too would like to help us in some way to achieve these goals.

We are looking for motivated people that can organize at a local level within the scope of our mission, and, we invite anyone that has a skill that they believe can be beneficial to our efforts to communicate with us through the Help and Support Page

If you would like to help financially we encourage you to join the site or donate.

If you would like to just donate please use the button below. Note, that 10% of your donation will go toward the administration of this site and the growth of this project.


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