Race 4 Tibetan Charities List


There a hundreds of sites on the Internet asking for help to help in some way the Tibetan people and Tibetan causes. We encourage people to find and contribute to those that most appeal to them.

Through this site we strive to provide an avenue for other charities to work in solidarity with the greater Tibetan community to help support their individual causes, as well as, contribute to the general community.  A percentage of revenue generated from this site will go into a general fund and distributed amongst the list and into the area’s that we have designated for them to go. The distribution will be weighted toward areas that provide the greatest benefit directly to the Tibetans in exile.

In determining who would be part of this list, and to what area’s that the monies should be directed toward we came up with some simple criteria:

  • Established organization with a history of working in the areas of our concern effectively
  • Area’s of focus
    • Education and Scholarship
    • Health and Medical Services
    • Child Welfare
    • Development of Tibetan Athletics
    • Economic Development

Below is a list of the primary Tibetan organizations, and their efforts that part of the monies raised by all of us working in solidarity.

  1. The Dalai Lama Trust Fund Scholarship program
  2. The Tibet Fund Sponsorship Program
  3. Men-tsee Khang – Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute – for both the sponsorship of students and children and on going medical projects.
  4. Friends of Tibetan Delek Hospital
  5. Tibetan Children Village
  6. Tibetan National Sports Association
  7. Tibetan Women’s Association

Note – If you are or represent or are the member of a Tibetan Charity of some type that is not listed here you can form a group under your name, and raise money under that group for your charity by joining the site. You will have to join at the ‘SnowLion’ level.

We invite you to help with our efforts. You can Join Race4Tibetans, or if you would just like to donate some money to the general fund,  then please click the donate button below. Note, that 10% of your donation will go toward the administration of this site and the growth of this project.

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